Traveling FAQ's 

From Health Certificates to Rabies Vaccines and Microchips, there's much to consider when traveling with your pet. Feel free to look through our frequently asked questions for more information about traveling with your pet, inside the US and internationally.

1. My pet  needs a health certificate. How do I obtain one?
After a physical exam has been performed, your Veterinarian can issue a Health Certificate. We only provide the APHIS 7001. It is very important to have information such as current address and the address that you will be residing at during your travels, as it will be needed for the health certificate. Some countries require their own health certificate to be filled out. Please bring this with you, if applicable.

2. Besides a health certificate, what else will I need?
This varies greatly depending on where you are traveling to. Please be sure to contact the airline you're using, as well as visit the government website of the country you're visiting. Some countries require specific microchips, rabies vaccines, or even blood titers. It is very important to research this thoroughly to ensure that all of your paperwork is in order.

3. What if I'm only traveling to another state with my pet?
This also varies greatly from state to state. Please contact the State Veterinarian of your destination to determine what the rules and regulations are.