Lissel Madrazo, D.V.M.

Dr. Lissel Madrazo has been working as a small animal veterinarian for 21 years. She started working in Lacy, WA before moving to Oxnard, CA where she worked in Banfield Pet Hospital while doing relief work in other privately-owned hospitals until January 2007. She then owned and operated a Banfield Pet Hospital franchise in Fremont, CA. Her interests are primarily small animal (dog and cat), preventative care, soft tissue surgery, dermatology and internal medicine. She has been the owner and veterinarian of Yosemite Pet Hospital since October, 2017 and has loved getting to know Simi Valley’s pets and their families.

Dr. Madrazo graduated from the University of the Philippines as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, placing 7th overall in the national Philippine Veterinary Licensure Exam. She moved to Northern California and worked as a veterinary technician at several veterinary hospitals, including the Intensive Care Unit of the University of California Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Davis. She successfully completed the requirements to obtain a veterinary license in the US via the ECFVG program in July 1996, including a one year internship program at the Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in Lafayette, IN.

Dr. Madrazo enjoys traveling with her husband and two kids. She shares her home with several fish, a frog named “Blaze,” a kitty named “Lulu” and a golden-doodle named “Lillie.”


​Keny is new to the YPH family. She has been working around animals since the young age of 15. She is originally from El Salvador and moved to the Los Angeles area at a young age. Since moving to California, Keny has volunteered at ASPCA Los Angeles, Lange foundation and has worked in many fields in an animal practice. She is currently our head technician working hand in hand with Dr. Madrazo in almost all surgeries and dental procedures. Keny enjoys almost anything outdoors; her all-time favorite thing to do on her time off is to go hiking and spend time with her 3 Chihuahua babies. Even on her off time you can find her researching new products or procedures to help educate her along the way in her vet tech career!


Liseth started at the YPH family as a high school intern. She enjoys working both at the front desk with the clients as well as in the back with their pets. In her spare time she loves camping, spending time with her dog Hazel and watching Marvel movies. Liseth knew she wanted to become a veterinarian when Blu, her rescue Pit Bull, showed her just how important pets are to people. She wants to help take care of these treasured family members.


Since she was little, Amanda has loved animals, so much so that she can’t even remember a time when she didn’t want to work with them. From butterflies to grasshoppers to lizards, birds, and cute little baby bunnies, Amanda fostered any animal she could, nursed them back to health, and (often tearfully) released them back to their natural homes. She has completed her first year of veterinary school, but while on break she loves getting to know all the new faces and fur babies that walk through our doors. Amanda’s most recent additions to her own family are her Chihuahua mixes, Polar Bear and Oreo Cookie, who she also loves very much. In her free time, Amanda enjoys letting her puppies win at tug-of-war, watching medical TV shows, and playing volleyball.


Priscilla started at a young age with a love and passion for all animals. She wasn’t allowed to have any pets as a child, so she started puppy/kitten sitting for others. Shortly after high school she started her own kitten and puppy day care called “ Kitten and Puppy Paws Day Care.” When she moved out of her parents’ home she started adopting her own fur babies. Priscilla now has four dogs named Miracle, Lola, Hazel and Blue, and hopes for more in the future. Priscilla loves working at Yosemite Pet Hospital caring for your puppies and kittens as well as senior pets.


Tatiana is a Junior at California State University Channel Islands, working on her bachelors degree in biology with a minor in chemistry. She is on track to be in veterinary school in a few short years. Tatiana has three cats named Moke, Johnny Bananas, and Oliver, as well as, 2 dogs named Luci and Jaxon.


Robyn simply loves animals. Over the past years she has personally rescued many dogs from local shelters and rescue organizations. Robyn has been involved in the rescue community for several years and has fostered thirteen dogs from puppies to seniors during her time volunteering, but she definitely has an affinity for German Shepherds. After raising three beautiful children, she decided to attend college to attain her license as a Registered Veterinary Technician. Robyn enjoys exciting trips with the whole family, be it to the river or Hawaii, you will find her ziplining, ATV riding and even sky diving. Family is important to Robyn, and she understands that just like her fur babies, your fur babies are your family.


Isabel grew up in Norco, CA on a strawberry farm with cats, chickens, dogs, goats and rabbits. From a young age she knew that she had a strong love for animals which led her to pursue a career in the veterinary field as a receptionist. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her family and working on upgrading her car with her husband. Isabel is very eager to learn all there is to know about working in a veterinary practice and is excited to be part of the Yosemite Pet Hospital team!


​​Aireana always loved animals, even as a young girl. She and her family raised ten horses when she was growing up. In high school, she joined the Future Farmers of America as well as a veterinary assistant program. She continued to pursue her interest in the veterinary field by doing an internship at a local emergency vet hospital. Impressed with her performance as an intern, the same emergency hospital hired her to be part of their staff. There she gained a deeper love and understanding of the veterinary profession. She spent another five years working there while at the same time working at another veterinary clinic where they worked on exotic animals as well.

Aireana’s other interests are hiking, rock climbing and traveling. She has two dogs (Noodle and Anari) that she enjoys spending time with, as well as her wonderful family!